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Cocktail Weddings Are A New Popular Choice

Everybody loves a special wedding one where it is planned for a very long time and you on the edge of your seat waiting to see the new bride and groom. It is always fun to speculate how the wedding will go, especially one that has a different theme to it.

Today you are finding more people opt to go for a non-traditional wedding, one where they just have a cocktail hour. Now mind you the wedding isn't just an hour, but the theme of it is cocktail weddings.

When you say cocktail weddings you are literally taking the best part of a wedding, which in many cases is the cocktail hour and turning that into the entire wedding. What you are doing is forgoing the traditional sit down part of the wedding after the cocktail hour ends where everyone finds their assigned seat. With a cocktail wedding it is basically a buffet style, people sit wherever they want and just go with the flow.

It may have been non traditional at one time, but since so many people love the cocktail hour and the freedom of movement, the thought is why constrict people to one specific table. When guests are up and moving around mingling during the cocktail hour the last thing they want to do is be instructed to stop what their, which could be a lot of fun by the way and go find your assigned seat. Do adults really need to be assigned a seat?

Most people at wedding prefer the buffet style service because it allows them to get up, move around and eat what they want when they want. They don't feel constricted and rushed to finish their food, and they also don't have to sit at a table with people they have nothing in common with which by the way happens a lot at weddings.

If you are planning a wedding think about this new style that many are raving about. Be non-traditional and do things that make your guests happy, which is letting them move around and not be confined to certain areas. They are still going to get great food, and now they can get it when they're ready. If a guest needs a plate of food brought over that can be arranged too.

With these type of wedding there is a lot of flexibility in planning, foods, drinks and the desert hour. Nobody feels rushed into anything, the band can begin playing whenever, and you can get still get plenty of people on the dance floor since most likely they aren't confined to some assigned seat where they might be miserable.

Everybody loves a good cocktail hour so think about it, whenever you plan your wedding. It's something different but guaranteed to go over real well with all of your guests.

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